Tunisia, 2nd life

Compte rendu de mes courtes vacances en Tunisie, pays de mes origines 🙂

A chaque fois que je vais là-bas j’ai l’impression d’être dans une vie parallèle (d’où le titre) car entre la maison, le ménage, les courses, la famille ; on retrouve à peu de choses près le quotidien de ma vie ici – mis à part la majorité de ma famille qui s’y trouve. Malheureusement, le temps n’était pas tout à fait de notre côté (trop de choses à faire et le soleil jouait à cache-cache) du coup je n’ai pas eu la joie d’être sur la plage 😦 mais bon ce n’est que partie remise!! Je vous ai mis quelques photos de ce séjour! Bisous, C.

Briefing from my short holidays in Tunisia, country of my origins 🙂

Everytime I go overthere, i’m used to say that it’s a second life as i’m always running (shopping in the markets, cleaning the house, preparing food, family) ; we found qkind of the daily grind – except most part of my family who’s living overthere! Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to go to the beach because of the time (spending most of my time with my fam) and the weather (the sun was playing with me Grrr) but net time will be the good one! I posted below some of my pics taken in Tunisia – accross Tunis, Nabeul and my parents homeplace!! Kisses, C.

In the taxi with my sis' direction my town!

Terrace in a café-restaurant next to my home place

Me drinking green tea

H&M oversized top & sunglasses, Primark legging & bag, vintage scarf, sandals bought in a market

At Nabeul with my sis' the same day

Do you want one of those?! haha

on my way to Tunis

what's the best thing for a diet?? PIZZA of course! 😉

with my little cousin at home, I could eat him ahhh

vintage dress bought recently, André shoes, Zara belt

Other day, other outfit! Primark flower printed top, Be You K jeans, André shoes, Zara jacket

One of my cousin, basic outfit but stylish

"Harkous" like henné but black, beautiful on my sis - unfortunately, can't do it on me as i'm allergic to it :((

palm trees, love seeing them!!

In the plane, back to Paris

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  1. […] By this point, chic shoe-shopping districts and green tea cafes are likely not the first images that come to mind when someone mentions Tunisia, which, along with Egypt, has been having trouble revitalizing its tourism industry. Granted, the region might be politically unstable, but surely someone can convince vacationers to start coming back? Lucky for North Africa, the author of this fashion blog is gorgeous enough to make a road trip through Libya look like fun. Check out the Chouchou’s photos from her merry romp in Tunis and Nabeul. See Chouchou Shop… […]

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